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Welcome to Three Arrows MilSim!

Three Arrows MilSim is a community oriented to the development and provision of authentic, genuine, and adaptive military simulation gaming. Comprised of the flagship element, the Asymmetric Warfare Task Force [AWTF], Three Arrows MilSim [TAMS] is a community organization concentrated on developing a balanced gameplay on, specifically, the platform of Arma 3 by Bohemia Interactive. This mission of continuity in development is the principle of TAMS, always adapting to engage gameplay for the best effects of members, while fundamentally integrating realistic play. With experienced administrators that utilize a leadership-over-management strategy to administration, combined with the experienced membership of the community organization, TAMS is focused on proficient performance - all while not disassociating with the mission of providing a balanced experience for all members and, certainly, having uninhibited fun. Please sign in or register to submit an application.


Campaign operations take place weekly on Saturday nights at 8PM EST. We use a series of ARMA mods to provide a more fun and realistic milsim environment.


Our campaigns are structured off of the Liberation game mode, which stays live throughout the week. Members are encouraged to engage in small unit tactics to help secure and defend points inside an ever changing limit of advance. Larger towns and heavier objectives are targeted for our weekend operations.

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    DR. Tuned

    Malden Campaign

    By DR. Tuned, in Articles,

    Three Arrows Milsim is currently working on a Liberation campaign on Malden.
    Following accusations of political interference in Sahrani, and the Task Force's removal from the islands, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani has invaded Malden.
    The RACS has seized the island to gain control of the EPAA Ballistic Defense station protecting NATO allies in Western Europe from missile threats in the Middle East.

    Russian presence indicates their involvement, beyond their current support of PMCs and special forces on the island.

    J. Bauer

    Alive Mission

    By J. Bauer, in Articles,

    As of this week, we have introduced an Alive mission on Lythium that will remain up 24/7 unless a sanctioned operation is taking place. This requires the same mod pack as our weekly Saturday operations. For more information or support, head over to Discord. 

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